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    • Augie Fackler's avatar
      Merge pull request #249 from warner/improve-readme · 5f00e72ac3df
      Augie Fackler authored
      README: add URLs of homepage, primary hg repo, and git mirror repo
    • durin42's avatar
      overlays: fix incoming support for hg 2.8 · bf8518b09d57
      durin42 authored
      This was crafted mostly via a bunch of aimless flailing in the
      code. I'm pretty well convinced at this point that the incoming
      support needs to be rewritten slightly to behave properly in the new
      world order (specifically, the overlayrepo class probably should be
      subclassing localrepo, or else more directly reimplementing things
      instead of trying to forward methods.)
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    • Gregory Szorc's avatar
      Only export modified Git trees · 792955be68dd
      Gregory Szorc authored
      Previously, we emitted every Git tree when updating between Mercurial
      changesets. With this patch, we now only emit Git trees that changed. A
      side-effect of the implementation is that we now only update in-memory
      Git trees objects that changed. Before, we always touched Git trees,
      invalidating them in the process and causing Dulwich to recalculate
      their SHA-1. Profiling revealed this to be expensive and removing the
      extra calculation shows a nice performance win.
      Another optimization is to not sort the order that changed paths are
      processed in. Previously, we sorted by length, longest to shortest.
      Profiling revealed that the sorts took a non-trivial amount of time.
      While sorted execution resulted in likely idempotent behavior, it
      shouldn't be strictly required.
      On the author's machine, conversion of the Mercurial repository itself
      decreased from ~493s to ~333s. Even more impressive is conversion of
      Firefox's main repository (which is considerably larger). Converting the
      first 200 revisions of that repository decreased from ~152s to ~42s.
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    • Hal Wine's avatar
      Add test to show dulwich fault on invalid timezone data · a3c3b8077cbe
      Hal Wine authored
      A recent real world occurrence - user hand edited the timezone field in
      an hg export to provide a unique value (from prior export). Hg imported
      the export okay, but dulwich threw an exception.
      This test shows the fault.
  19. 05 Feb, 2013 1 commit
    • Hal Wine's avatar
      scrub bad timezone values before dulwich sees them · ce6ad4c0cba7
      Hal Wine authored
      If dulwich is presented with a "sub minute" timezone offset, it throws
      an exception (see tests/test-timezone.t). This patch rounds the timezone
      down to the next minute before passing the value to dulwich.
  20. 06 Jan, 2013 2 commits
    • David M. Carr's avatar
      push: provide better output about changed references (issue #64) · a6b7ad535244
      David M. Carr authored
      As pointed out by l33t, Hg-Git's output for push doesn't currently do a very
      good job of telling the user what happened.  My previous changes in this area
      had moved some of the output from status to note, making it only show if
      --verbose was specified.  However, I hadn't realized at the time that the
      reference information (though overly verbose) was providing a valueable purpose
      that otherwise wasn't met; telling the user that a remote reference had changed.
      This changeset makes it so that:
      *   default output will include simple messages like "adding reference
          refs/heads/feature" and "updating reference refs/heads/master" (omitting any
          mention of unchanged references)
      *   verbose output will include more detailed messages like "adding reference
          default::refs/heads/feature => GIT:aba43c" and "updating reference
          default::refs/heads/master => GIT:aba43c" (omitting any mention of unchanged
      *   debug output will include the detailed output like in verbose, but
          addtionally will include messages like "unchanged reference
          default::refs/heads/other => GIT:aba43c"
    • David M. Carr's avatar
      push: add more output about what was added (issue #64) · 163c452531cf
      David M. Carr authored
      l33t pointed out that currently, Hg-Git doesn't provide any confirmation that a
      push was successful other than the exit code.  Normal Mercurial provides a
      couple other messages followed by "added X changesets with Y changes to
      Z files".  After this change, Hg-Git will provide much more similar output.
      It's not identical, as the underlying model is substantially different, but the
      concept is the same.  The main message is "added X commits with Y trees and
      Z blobs".
      This change doesn't affect the output of what references/branches were touched.
      That will be addressed in a subsequent commit.
      Dulwich doesn't provide an easy hook to get the information needed for this
      output.  Instead of passing generate_pack_contents as the pack generator
      function to send_pack, I pass a custom function that determines the "missing"
      objects, stores the counts, and then calls generate_pack_contents (which then
      will determine the "missing" objects again.
      The new expected output:
      searching for changes # unless quiet true
      <N> commits found     # if verbose true
      list of commits:      # if debugflag true and at least one commit found
      <each hash>           # if debugflag true and at least one commit found
      adding objects        # if at least one commit found unless quiet true
      added <N> commits with <N> trees and <N> blobs # if at least one object unless
                                                     # quiet true
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