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    tests: make test-install.t work on debian systems · d71693f799a0
    Kyle Lippincott authored
    Debian systems, at least as of their version of python3.8 on my machine, have
    rewritten some logic in ensurepip to make it not use the wheels in pip._bundled,
    but instead to use wheels installed in /usr/share/python-wheels. It copies these
    wheels into the virtual environment when it's created, and installenv/bin/pip is
    able to see them and use them, so it thinks that 'wheel' is installed, and that
    it can build the mercurial wheel instead of just installing it. For some reason,
    when it subprocesses to run `python3 bdist_wheel`, it does
    *not* have the 'wheel' wheel available, and we get an error message.
    Differential Revision:
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