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    mergestate: use _stateextras instead of merge records for commit related info · 0652a533fe3c
    Pulkit Goyal authored
    There is a set of information related to a merge which is needed on commit. We
    want to store such information in the mergestate so that we can read it while
    For this purpose, we are using merge records and introduced a merge
    entry state for that. However this won't scale and is not clean way to implement
    This patch reworks the existing logic related to this to use _stateextras and
    read from it.
    Right now the information stored is not very descriptive but it will be in next
    Using _stateextras also makes MERGE_RECORD_MERGED_OTHER useless and only to be
    kept for BC.
    Differential Revision:
    0652a533fe3c 253 KB