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    cleanup: remove pointless r-prefixes on double-quoted strings · 313e3a279828
    Augie Fackler authored
    This is only double-quoted strings. I'll do single-quoted strings as a
    second step. These had existed because our source transformer didn't
    turn r"" into b"", so we had tagged some strings as r-strings to get
    "native" strings on both Pythons. Now that the transformer is gone, we
    can dispense with this nonsense.
    I ran
        hg locate 'set:added() or modified() or clean()' | egrep '.*\.py$'  | xargs egrep --color=never -n  -- \[\^a-z\]r\"\[\^\"\\\\\]\*\"\[\^\"\]
    in an emacs grep-mode buffer, and then used a keyboard macro to
    iterate over the results and remove the r prefix as needed.
    # skip-blame removing unneeded r prefixes left over from Python 3 migration.
    Differential Revision:
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