Commit 020951fa authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk
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graft: use revset for intersecting with ancestor set

This addresses a TODO added in a1381eea7c7d (graft: do not use
`.remove` on a smart set (regression), 2014-04-28).

Differential Revision:
parent df82c06e1a05
......@@ -3079,14 +3079,10 @@ def _dograft(ui, repo, *revs, **opts):
# already, they'd have been in the graftstate.
if not (cont or opts.get(b'force')) and basectx is None:
# check for ancestors of dest branch
crev = repo[b'.'].rev()
ancestors = repo.changelog.ancestors([crev], inclusive=True)
# XXX make this lazy in the future
for rev in revs:
if rev in ancestors:
_(b'skipping ancestor revision %d:%s\n') % (rev, repo[rev])
ancestors = repo.revs(b'%ld & (::.)', revs)
for rev in ancestors:
ui.warn(_(b'skipping ancestor revision %d:%s\n') % (rev, repo[rev]))
revs = [r for r in revs if r not in ancestors]
if not revs:
......@@ -3105,7 +3101,7 @@ def _dograft(ui, repo, *revs, **opts):
# The only changesets we can be sure doesn't contain grafts of any
# revs, are the ones that are common ancestors of *all* revs:
for rev in repo.revs(b'only(%d,ancestor(%ld))', crev, revs):
for rev in repo.revs(b'only(%d,ancestor(%ld))', repo[b'.'].rev(), revs):
ctx = repo[rev]
n = ctx.extra().get(b'source')
if n in ids:
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