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Commit 093632db authored by durin42's avatar durin42
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Added tag 5.3.2 for changeset 8fca7e8449a8

branch : stable
parent 8fca7e8449a8
......@@ -206,3 +206,4 @@ b4c82b70418022e67cc0e69b1aa3c3aa43aa1d29 5.2.2
e4344e463c0c888a2f437b78b5982ecdf3f6650a 5.3rc1
7f5410dfc8a64bb587d19637deb95d378fd1eb5c 5.3
6d121acbb82e65fe4dd3c2318a1b61981b958492 5.3.1
8fca7e8449a847e3cf1054f2c07b51237699fad3 5.3.2
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