Commit 11e1a9e7 authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk
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chistedit: add option to show order of commits in opposite order

Many users (including me) expect the order of commits in histedit to
match the order in `hg log -G` and are confused because it
doesnn't. This patch adds an option to show later commits first in the
list. I've only added support for it in chistedit for now. As a
consequence, I've marked the config option experimental (I think it
should apply to both interfaces before it graduates).

Differential Revision:
parent f7fd629ffb98
......@@ -282,6 +282,11 @@ configitem(
configitem(b'histedit', b'summary-template', default=b'{rev} {desc|firstline}')
# TODO: Teach the text-based histedit interface to respect this config option
# before we make it non-experimental.
b'histedit', b'later-commits-first', default=False, experimental=True
# Note for extension authors: ONLY specify testedwith = 'ships-with-hg-core' for
# extensions which SHIP WITH MERCURIAL. Non-mainline extensions should
......@@ -1240,6 +1245,11 @@ class _chistedit_state(object):
self.repo = repo
self.rules = rules
self.stdscr = stdscr
self.later_on_top = repo.ui.configbool(
b'histedit', b'later-commits-first'
# The current item in display order, initialized to point to the top
# of the screen.
self.pos = 0
self.selected = None
self.mode = (MODE_INIT, MODE_INIT)
......@@ -1256,7 +1266,7 @@ class _chistedit_state(object):
def render_commit(self, win):
"""Renders the commit window that shows the log of the current selected
rule = self.rules[self.pos]
rule = self.rules[self.display_pos_to_rule_pos(self.pos)]
ctx = rule.ctx
......@@ -1342,6 +1352,19 @@ pgup/K: move patch up, pgdn/J: move patch down, c: commit, q: abort
b'main': (mainlen, maxx),
def display_pos_to_rule_pos(self, display_pos):
"""Converts a position in display order to rule order.
The `display_pos` is the order from the top in display order, not
considering which items are currently visible on the screen. Thus,
`display_pos=0` is the item at the top (possibly after scrolling to
the top)
if self.later_on_top:
return len(self.rules) - 1 - display_pos
return display_pos
def render_rules(self, rulesscr):
start = self.modes[MODE_RULES][b'line_offset']
......@@ -1352,18 +1375,21 @@ pgup/K: move patch up, pgdn/J: move patch down, c: commit, q: abort
addln(rulesscr, -1, 0, line, curses.color_pair(COLOR_WARN))
for y, rule in enumerate(self.rules[start:]):
if y >= self.page_height:
for display_pos in range(start, len(self.rules)):
y = display_pos - start
if y < 0 or y >= self.page_height:
rule_pos = self.display_pos_to_rule_pos(display_pos)
rule = self.rules[rule_pos]
if len(rule.conflicts) > 0:
rulesscr.addstr(y, 0, b" ", curses.color_pair(COLOR_WARN))
rulesscr.addstr(y, 0, b" ", curses.COLOR_BLACK)
if y + start == self.selected:
if display_pos == self.selected:
addln(rulesscr, y, 2, rule, curses.color_pair(COLOR_SELECTED))
elif y + start == self.pos:
elif display_pos == self.pos:
......@@ -1477,7 +1503,7 @@ pgup/K: move patch up, pgdn/J: move patch down, c: commit, q: abort
def patch_contents(self):
repo = self.repo
rule = self.rules[self.pos]
rule = self.rules[self.display_pos_to_rule_pos(self.pos)]
displayer = logcmdutil.changesetdisplayer(
......@@ -1521,21 +1547,26 @@ pgup/K: move patch up, pgdn/J: move patch down, c: commit, q: abort
def swap(self, oldpos, newpos):
"""Swap two positions and calculate necessary conflicts in
O(|newpos-oldpos|) time"""
old_rule_pos = self.display_pos_to_rule_pos(oldpos)
new_rule_pos = self.display_pos_to_rule_pos(newpos)
rules = self.rules
assert 0 <= oldpos < len(rules) and 0 <= newpos < len(rules)
assert 0 <= old_rule_pos < len(rules) and 0 <= new_rule_pos < len(rules)
rules[oldpos], rules[newpos] = rules[newpos], rules[oldpos]
rules[old_rule_pos], rules[new_rule_pos] = (
# TODO: swap should not know about histeditrule's internals
rules[newpos].pos = newpos
rules[oldpos].pos = oldpos
rules[new_rule_pos].pos = new_rule_pos
rules[old_rule_pos].pos = old_rule_pos
start = min(oldpos, newpos)
end = max(oldpos, newpos)
start = min(old_rule_pos, new_rule_pos)
end = max(old_rule_pos, new_rule_pos)
for r in pycompat.xrange(start, end + 1):
if self.selected:
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