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Commit 16e2c659 authored by Siddharth Agarwal's avatar Siddharth Agarwal
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mergestate: add a method to return updated/merged/removed counts

This will not only allow us to remove a bunch of duplicate code in applyupdates
in an upcoming patch, it will also allow the resolve interface to be a lot
simpler: it doesn't need to return the dirstate action to applyupdates.
parent 6373330155b2
......@@ -490,6 +490,20 @@ class mergestate(object):
Returns the exit code of the merge."""
return self._resolve(False, dfile, wctx, labels=labels)[1]
def counts(self):
"""return counts for updated, merged and removed files in this
updated, merged, removed = 0, 0, 0
for r, action in self._results.itervalues():
if r is None:
updated += 1
elif r == 0:
if action == 'r':
removed += 1
merged += 1
return updated, merged, removed
def _checkunknownfile(repo, wctx, mctx, f, f2=None):
if f2 is None:
f2 = f
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