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Commit 1b31be9e authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David 🐙
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dirstate: add a comment about a racy piece of code during updates

This is a bit that is not really correct but works "fine" in practice. Let us
write the details down so that people stop wondering how that logic might be
correct… It is not.

Differential Revision:
parent ad5a64473840
......@@ -1404,6 +1404,34 @@ def batchget(repo, mctx, wctx, wantfiledata, actions):
if wantfiledata:
# XXX note that there is a race window between the time we
# write the clean data into the file and we stats it. So another
# writing process meddling with the file content right after we
# wrote it could cause bad stat data to be gathered.
# They are 2 data we gather here
# - the mode:
# That we actually just wrote, we should not need to read
# it from disk, (except not all mode might have survived
# the disk round-trip, which is another issue: we should
# not depends on this)
# - the mtime,
# On system that support nanosecond precision, the mtime
# could be accurate enough to tell the two writes appart.
# However gathering it in a racy way make the mtime we
# gather "unreliable".
# (note: we get the size from the data we write, which is sane)
# So in theory the data returned here are fully racy, but in
# practice "it works mostly fine".
# Do not be surprised if you end up reading this while looking
# for the causes of some buggy status. Feel free to improve
# this in the future, but we cannot simply stop gathering
# information. Otherwise `hg status` call made after a large `hg
# update` runs would have to redo a similar amount of work to
# restore and compare all files content.
s = wfctx.lstat()
mode = s.st_mode
mtime = timestamp.mtime_of(s)
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