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Commit 1ee788b6 authored by Jörg Sonnenberger's avatar Jörg Sonnenberger
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packaging: extract pre-computed version when running from plain tarball

The tarballs created by are not including the usual archive
markers that `hg archive` leaves, so the rewrite of the version number
computation actually left the empty version string around. This meant
that installations from PyPI would use 0.0.0 as version string.

Differential Revision:

branch : stable
parent 01264552a1dc
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......@@ -437,6 +437,9 @@ elif os.path.exists('.hg_archival.txt'):
version = '%(latesttag)s+hg%(latesttagdistance)s.%(node).12s' % kw
version = '0+hg' + kw.get('node', '')[:12]
elif os.path.exists('mercurial/'):
data = open('mercurial/').read()
version ='version = b"(.*)"', data).group(1)
if version:
versionb = version
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