Commit 49f8ba4f authored by Cédric Krier's avatar Cédric Krier
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keepalive: Do not append _rbuf if _raw_readinto exists (issue6356)

The readline method append to the chunks the content of the _rbuf then there
is a loop that call _raw_read which on Python3 call readinto. But the readinto
version in mercurial append again the _rbuf content. So this creates the
duplicate content. This does not happen in Python2 because _raw_read does not
call readinto.

Differential Revision:
parent 3d414dce2d40
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......@@ -542,7 +542,11 @@
return line
# No newline in local buffer. Read until we find one.
chunks = [self._rbuf]
# readinto read via readinto will already return _rbuf
if self._raw_readinto is None:
chunks = [self._rbuf]
chunks = []
i = -1
readsize = self._rbufsize
while True:
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