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Commit 559663bc authored by Thomas Klausner's avatar Thomas Klausner
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tests: dd status=noxfer is not portable (issue6523)

Differential Revision:

branch : stable
parent d3222525bc8e
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......@@ -988,9 +988,10 @@ truncate the file
$ datafilepath=`ls corruption-test-repo/.hg/store/00changelog*.nd`
$ f -s $datafilepath
corruption-test-repo/.hg/store/00changelog-*.nd: size=121088 (glob)
$ dd if=$datafilepath bs=1000 count=10 of=$datafilepath-tmp status=noxfer
$ dd if=$datafilepath bs=1000 count=10 of=$datafilepath-tmp
10+0 records in
10+0 records out
* bytes * (glob)
$ mv $datafilepath-tmp $datafilepath
$ f -s $datafilepath
corruption-test-repo/.hg/store/00changelog-*.nd: size=10000 (glob)
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