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Commit 56f85724 authored by Jörg Sonnenberger's avatar Jörg Sonnenberger
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phases: updatephases should not skip internal phase

Historically, updatephases used to skip the secret phase, but wasn't
updated when archived and internal were added.

Differential Revision:
parent 672ad1f6eeb8
......@@ -777,12 +777,12 @@ def subsetphaseheads(repo, subset):
def updatephases(repo, trgetter, headsbyphase):
"""Updates the repo with the given phase heads"""
# Now advance phase boundaries of all but secret phase
# Now advance phase boundaries of all phases
# run the update (and fetch transaction) only if there are actually things
# to update. This avoid creating empty transaction during no-op operation.
for phase in allphases[:-1]:
for phase in allphases:
revset = b'%ln - _phase(%s)'
heads = [c.node() for c in repo.set(revset, headsbyphase[phase], phase)]
if heads:
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