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backout: add examples to clarify basic usage

parent ad2627f4af27
......@@ -486,6 +486,23 @@ def backout(ui, repo, node=None, rev=None, commit=False, **opts):
.. container:: verbose
- Reverse the effect of the parent of the working directory.
This backout will be committed immediately::
hg backout -r .
- Reverse the effect of previous bad revision 23::
hg backout -r 23
hg commit -m "Backout revision 23"
- Reverse the effect of previous bad revision 23 and
commit the backout immediately::
hg backout -r 23 --commit
By default, the pending changeset will have one parent,
maintaining a linear history. With --merge, the pending
changeset will instead have two parents: the old parent of the
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