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Commit 5cfe0497 authored by Gregory Szorc's avatar Gregory Szorc
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ui: remove labeled argument from popbuffer

It was moved to pushbuffer and currently does nothing.
parent 717b75ae5bb0
......@@ -419,9 +419,9 @@ def configstyles(ui):
_styles[status] = ' '.join(good)
class colorui(uimod.ui):
def popbuffer(self, labeled=False):
def popbuffer(self):
if self._colormode is None:
return super(colorui, self).popbuffer(labeled)
return super(colorui, self).popbuffer()
return ''.join(self._buffers.pop())
......@@ -1188,7 +1188,7 @@ class changeset_printer(object):
if self.buffered:
self._show(ctx, copies, matchfn, props)
self.hunk[ctx.rev()] = self.ui.popbuffer(labeled=True)
self.hunk[ctx.rev()] = self.ui.popbuffer()
self._show(ctx, copies, matchfn, props)
......@@ -594,16 +594,8 @@ class ui(object):
self._bufferstates.append((error, subproc, labeled))
self._bufferapplylabels = labeled
def popbuffer(self, labeled=False):
'''pop the last buffer and return the buffered output
If labeled is True, any labels associated with buffered
output will be handled. By default, this has no effect
on the output returned, but extensions and GUI tools may
handle this argument and returned styled output. If output
is being buffered so it can be captured and parsed or
processed, labeled should not be set to True.
def popbuffer(self):
'''pop the last buffer and return the buffered output'''
if self._bufferstates:
self._bufferapplylabels = self._bufferstates[-1][2]
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