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Commit 65a2b88e authored by Raphaël Gomès's avatar Raphaël Gomès
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internals: correct dirstate-v2 format variable in the documentation

Differential Revision:

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......@@ -37,12 +37,12 @@ Enabling `dirsate-v2` for new local repositories
When creating a new local repository such as with `hg init` or `hg clone`,
the `exp-dirstate-v2` boolean in the `format` configuration section
the `exp-rc-dirstate-v2` boolean in the `format` configuration section
controls whether to use this file format.
This is disabled by default as of this writing.
To enable it for a single repository, run for example::
$ hg init my-project --config format.exp-dirstate-v2=1
$ hg init my-project --config format.exp-rc-dirstate-v2=1
Checking the format of an existing local repsitory
......@@ -63,15 +63,15 @@ Upgrading or downgrading an existing local repository
The `debugupgrade` command does various upgrades or downgrades
on a local repository
based on the current Mercurial version and on configuration.
The same `format.exp-dirstate-v2` configuration is used again.
The same `format.exp-rc-dirstate-v2` configuration is used again.
Example to upgrade::
$ hg debugupgrade --config format.exp-dirstate-v2=1
$ hg debugupgrade --config format.exp-rc-dirstate-v2=1
Example to downgrade to `dirstate-v1`::
$ hg debugupgrade --config format.exp-dirstate-v2=0
$ hg debugupgrade --config format.exp-rc-dirstate-v2=0
Both of this commands do nothing but print a list of proposed changes,
which may include changes unrelated to the dirstate.
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