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relnotes: clear next release notes

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== New Features ==
* `debugrebuildfncache` now has an option to rebuild only the index files
* a new `bookmarks.mode` path option have been introduced to control the
bookmark update strategy during exchange with a peer. See hg help paths for
== Default Format Change ==
These changes affects newly created repositories (or new clone) done with
Mercurial 6.0.
Mercurial XXX.
== New Experimental Features ==
* Added a new `web.full-garbage-collection-rate` to control performance. See
de2e04fe4897a554b9ef433167f11ea4feb2e09c for more information
== Bug Fixes ==
* `hg fix --working-dir` now correctly works when in an uncommitted merge state
* `rhg` (Rust fast-path for `hg`) now supports the full config list syntax
* `rhg` now parses some corner-cases for revsets correctly
* `hg email -o` now works again when not mentioning a revision
* Lots of Windows fixes
* Lots of miscellaneous other fixes
== Backwards Compatibility Changes ==
......@@ -33,15 +19,4 @@ Mercurial 6.0.
The following functions have been removed:
* `dirstate.normal`
* `dirstate.normallookup`
* `dirstate.otherparent`
* `dirstate.add`
* `dirstate.remove`
* `dirstate.drop`
* `dirstate.__getitem__`
* `wireprotov1peer`'s `batchable` is now a simple function and not a generator
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