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Commit 94968269 authored by Augie Fackler's avatar Augie Fackler
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merge: with stable

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......@@ -611,7 +611,14 @@ def has_pylint():
def has_clang_format():
m = matchoutput('clang-format --version', br'clang-format version (\d+)')
# style changed somewhere between 10.x and 11.x
return m and int( >= 11
if m:
return int( >= 11
# Assist Googler contributors, they have a centrally-maintained version of
# clang-format that is generally very fresh, but unlike most builds (both
# official and unofficial), it does *not* include a version number.
return matchoutput(
'clang-format --version', br'clang-format .*google3-trunk \([0-9a-f]+\)'
@check("jshint", "JSHint static code analysis tool")
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