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Commit a828e0cb authored by Manuel Jacob's avatar Manuel Jacob
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rewriteutil: add utility to check whether empty successors should be skipped

parent b6269741ed42
......@@ -53,3 +53,20 @@ def disallowednewunstable(repo, revs):
if allowunstable:
return revset.baseset()
return repo.revs(b"(%ld::) - %ld", revs, revs)
def skip_empty_successor(ui, command):
empty_successor = ui.config(b'rewrite', b'empty-successor')
if empty_successor == b'skip':
return True
elif empty_successor == b'keep':
return False
raise error.ConfigError(
b"%s doesn't know how to handle config "
b"rewrite.empty-successor=%s (only 'skip' and 'keep' are "
% (command, empty_successor)
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