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upgrade: avoid a traceback in case of unrecognized revlog

Without this, in case of revlog name not matching any know pattern we would get
a traceback. Raising a clear error seems simpler.

Differential Revision:
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......@@ -64,7 +64,12 @@ def _revlogfrompath(repo, rl_type, path):
# drop the extension and the `data/` prefix
path = path.rsplit(b'.', 1)[0].split(b'/', 1)[1]
path_part = path.rsplit(b'.', 1)[0].split(b'/', 1)
if len(path_part) < 2:
msg = _('cannot recognize revlog from filename: %s')
msg %= path
raise error.Abort(msg)
path = path_part[1]
return filelog.filelog(repo.svfs, path)
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