Commit beb3ba23 authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk
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config: drop debug messages saying where config was read from

`hg config --debug` includes lines like this:

  set config by: $EDITOR

but also lines like this:

  $EDITOR: ui.editor=emacs -nw

The `set config by` messages don't seem to provide much additional
information over what we get from the `$EDITOR:`-type message. I could
imagine wanting to see which values got overriden by a later entry,
but that information is already not present. So let's just remove the
first type of output. My next patch would otherwise amplify the
redundant output (there would be one `set config by` for each line in

Differential Revision:
parent 86fe85364811
......@@ -2224,8 +2224,8 @@ def config(ui, repo, *values, **opts):
if t == b'path':
ui.debug(b'read config from: %s\n' % f)
elif t == b'items':
for section, name, value, source in f:
ui.debug(b'set config by: %s\n' % source)
# Don't print anything for 'items'.
raise error.ProgrammingError(b'unknown rctype: %s' % t)
untrusted = bool(opts.get(b'untrusted'))
......@@ -197,9 +197,6 @@ plain hgrc
with environment variables
$ PAGER=p1 EDITOR=e1 VISUAL=e2 hg showconfig --debug
set config by: $EDITOR
set config by: $VISUAL
set config by: $PAGER
read config from: $TESTTMP/hgrc
repo: bundle.mainreporoot=$TESTTMP
$PAGER: pager.pager=p1
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