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Commit c0867f10 authored by Kyle Lippincott's avatar Kyle Lippincott
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pyoxidizer: use in-memory resources on non-Windows platforms

In-memory resources were disabled for macOS in 7bc1beedd718, and for all platforms
in c900d962e38b. Unfortunately this made it so that we were no longer producing
standalone binaries on these platforms, and would have to ship the .py and .pyc
files alongside the pyoxidized binary.

These changes are no longer necessary after f6b045910d82, which disabled pep517 and
solved the issue we were encountering.

Differential Revision:
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......@@ -34,7 +34,10 @@ TIME_STAMP_SERVER_URL = VARS.get("TIME_STAMP_SERVER_URL", "http://timestamp.digi
# Use in-memory resources for all resources. If false, most of the Python
# stdlib will be in memory, but other things such as Mercurial itself will not
# be. See the comment in resource_callback, below.
# Code to run in Python interpreter.
RUN_CODE = """
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