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Commit c578f536 authored by Yuya Nishihara's avatar Yuya Nishihara
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test-help: don't use progress extension for the test of argument parsing

The next patch will remove the progress extension completely, so we have
to pick another extension. The schemes is picked arbitrary.

This test was introduced at 69da16b366ad.
parent a636a46f5094
......@@ -1028,12 +1028,12 @@ Test help hooks
Test -e / -c / -k combinations
$ hg help -c progress
abort: no such help topic: progress
(try "hg help --keyword progress")
$ hg help -c schemes
abort: no such help topic: schemes
(try "hg help --keyword schemes")
$ hg help -e progress |head -1
progress extension - show progress bars for some actions (DEPRECATED)
$ hg help -e schemes |head -1
schemes extension - extend schemes with shortcuts to repository swarms
$ hg help -c -k dates |egrep '^(Topics|Extensions|Commands):'
$ hg help -e -k a |egrep '^(Topics|Extensions|Commands):'
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