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relnotes: add 6.1.3

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'''This is the last release to support Python 2. Mercurial is Python 3 only starting with 6.2'''
= Mercurial 6.1.3 =
'''security: '''
* narrow_widen_acl: enforce narrowacl in narrow_widen (SEC) 6b10151b9621
'''normal notes: '''
* censor: fix [hg update] away from a revision with censored files
* amend: stop losing copies when amending
* rhg: strengthen dirstate v2 writing in broken filesystems
* work around some broken DLL imports in Windows
* worker: adapt _blockingreader to work around a python3.8.[0-1] bug (issue6444)
* rhg: correctly handle the case where diffs are encoded relative to nullrev
* fix bugs and race-conditions in the Mercurial test runner
* chg: ignore already closed fds when cleaning up
= Mercurial 6.1.2 =
* Improve Windows test suite
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