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Commit e7cb9cda authored by Pulkit Goyal's avatar Pulkit Goyal
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mergestate: remove unnecessary recordactions() from mergestate class

This function is updating dirstate which sounds like not something which a
method on mergestate class should do. Also this just calls another function.
Lets directly call that function and remove this reducing mergestate
responsibility a bit.

There was single caller which is updated.

Differential Revision:
parent f69253935bf8
......@@ -6129,7 +6129,8 @@ def resolve(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
branchmerge = repo.dirstate.p2() != nullid
mergestatemod.recordupdates(repo, ms.actions(), branchmerge, None)
if not didwork and pats:
hint = None
......@@ -756,11 +756,6 @@ class mergestate(object):
actions[action].append((f, None, b"merge result"))
return actions
def recordactions(self):
"""record remove/add/get actions in the dirstate"""
branchmerge = self._repo.dirstate.p2() != nullid
recordupdates(self._repo, self.actions(), branchmerge, None)
def queueremove(self, f):
"""queues a file to be removed from the dirstate
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