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Commit eafd0816 authored by Yuya Nishihara's avatar Yuya Nishihara
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log: introduce struct that carries log traversal options

I tried to refactor logcmdutil.getrevs() without using an options struct,
but none of these attempts didn't work out. Since every stage of getrevs()
needs various log command options (e.g. both matcher and revset query need
file patterns), it isn't possible to cleanly split getrevs() into a command
layer and a core logic.

So, this patch introduces a named struct to carry command options in slightly
abstracted way, which will be later used by "hg grep" and "hg churn". More
fields will be added to the walkopt struct.

Type hints aren't verified. I couldn't figure out how to teach pytype to
load its own attr type stubs in place of our .thirdparty.attr. Conditional
import didn't work. s/^from \.thirdparty // is the only way I found pytype
could parse the @attr.ib decorator.
parent a717de1cb624
......@@ -137,9 +137,9 @@ def _setuplog(ui):
def _initialrevs(orig, repo, opts):
revs = orig(repo, opts)
if opts.get(b'sparse'):
def _initialrevs(orig, repo, wopts):
revs = orig(repo, wopts)
if wopts.opts.get(b'sparse'):
sparsematch = sparse.matcher(repo)
def ctxmatch(rev):
......@@ -4734,7 +4734,9 @@ def log(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
repo = scmutil.unhidehashlikerevs(repo, opts.get(b'rev'), b'nowarn')
revs, differ = logcmdutil.getrevs(repo, pats, opts)
revs, differ = logcmdutil.getrevs(
repo, logcmdutil.parseopts(ui, pats, opts)
if linerange:
# TODO: should follow file history from logcmdutil._initialrevs(),
# then filter the result by logcmdutil._makerevset() and --limit
......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ from .node import (
from .thirdparty import attr
from . import (
......@@ -45,11 +47,13 @@ from .utils import (
if pycompat.TYPE_CHECKING:
from typing import (
for t in (Any, Optional, Tuple):
for t in (Any, Dict, List, Optional, Tuple):
assert t
......@@ -672,7 +676,27 @@ def changesetdisplayer(ui, repo, opts, differ=None, buffered=False):
return changesettemplater(ui, repo, spec, *postargs)
def _makematcher(repo, revs, pats, opts):
class walkopts(object):
"""Options to configure a set of revisions and file matcher factory
to scan revision/file history
# raw command-line parameters, which a matcher will be built from
pats = attr.ib() # type: List[bytes]
opts = attr.ib() # type: Dict[bytes, Any]
def parseopts(ui, pats, opts):
# type: (Any, List[bytes], Dict[bytes, Any]) -> walkopts
"""Parse log command options into walkopts
The returned walkopts will be passed in to getrevs().
return walkopts(pats=pats, opts=opts)
def _makematcher(repo, revs, wopts):
"""Build matcher and expanded patterns from log options
If --follow, revs are the revisions to follow from.
......@@ -687,11 +711,13 @@ def _makematcher(repo, revs, pats, opts):
# scmutil.match(). The difference is input pats are globbed on
# platforms without shell expansion (windows).
wctx = repo[None]
match, pats = scmutil.matchandpats(wctx, pats, opts)
slowpath = match.anypats() or (not match.always() and opts.get(b'removed'))
match, pats = scmutil.matchandpats(wctx, wopts.pats, wopts.opts)
slowpath = match.anypats() or (
not match.always() and wopts.opts.get(b'removed')
if not slowpath:
follow = opts.get(b'follow') or opts.get(b'follow_first')
if follow and opts.get(b'rev'):
follow = wopts.opts.get(b'follow') or wopts.opts.get(b'follow_first')
if follow and wopts.opts.get(b'rev'):
# There may be the case that a path doesn't exist in some (but
# not all) of the specified start revisions, but let's consider
# the path is valid. Missing files will be warned by the matcher.
......@@ -800,9 +826,9 @@ _opt2logrevset = {
def _makerevset(repo, pats, slowpath, opts):
def _makerevset(repo, wopts, slowpath):
"""Return a revset string built from log options and file patterns"""
opts = dict(opts)
opts = dict(wopts.opts)
# follow or not follow?
follow = opts.get(b'follow') or opts.get(b'follow_first')
......@@ -821,7 +847,7 @@ def _makerevset(repo, pats, slowpath, opts):
# not. Besides, filesets are evaluated against the working
# directory.
matchargs = [b'r:', b'd:relpath']
for p in pats:
for p in wopts.pats:
matchargs.append(b'p:' + p)
for p in opts.get(b'include', []):
matchargs.append(b'i:' + p)
......@@ -829,7 +855,7 @@ def _makerevset(repo, pats, slowpath, opts):
matchargs.append(b'x:' + p)
opts[b'_matchfiles'] = matchargs
elif not follow:
opts[b'_patslog'] = list(pats)
opts[b'_patslog'] = list(wopts.pats)
expr = []
for op, val in sorted(pycompat.iteritems(opts)):
......@@ -854,11 +880,11 @@ def _makerevset(repo, pats, slowpath, opts):
return expr
def _initialrevs(repo, opts):
def _initialrevs(repo, wopts):
"""Return the initial set of revisions to be filtered or followed"""
follow = opts.get(b'follow') or opts.get(b'follow_first')
if opts.get(b'rev'):
revs = scmutil.revrange(repo, opts[b'rev'])
follow = wopts.opts.get(b'follow') or wopts.opts.get(b'follow_first')
if wopts.opts.get(b'rev'):
revs = scmutil.revrange(repo, wopts.opts[b'rev'])
elif follow and repo.dirstate.p1() == nullid:
revs = smartset.baseset()
elif follow:
......@@ -869,19 +895,21 @@ def _initialrevs(repo, opts):
return revs
def getrevs(repo, pats, opts):
# type: (Any, Any, Any) -> Tuple[smartset.abstractsmartset, Optional[changesetdiffer]]
def getrevs(repo, wopts):
# type: (Any, walkopts) -> Tuple[smartset.abstractsmartset, Optional[changesetdiffer]]
"""Return (revs, differ) where revs is a smartset
differ is a changesetdiffer with pre-configured file matcher.
follow = opts.get(b'follow') or opts.get(b'follow_first')
followfirst = opts.get(b'follow_first')
limit = getlimit(opts)
revs = _initialrevs(repo, opts)
follow = wopts.opts.get(b'follow') or wopts.opts.get(b'follow_first')
followfirst = wopts.opts.get(b'follow_first')
limit = getlimit(wopts.opts)
revs = _initialrevs(repo, wopts)
if not revs:
return smartset.baseset(), None
match, pats, slowpath = _makematcher(repo, revs, pats, opts)
match, pats, slowpath = _makematcher(repo, revs, wopts)
wopts = attr.evolve(wopts, pats=pats)
filematcher = None
if follow:
if slowpath or match.always():
......@@ -890,14 +918,14 @@ def getrevs(repo, pats, opts):
revs, filematcher = _fileancestors(repo, revs, match, followfirst)
if filematcher is None:
filematcher = _makenofollowfilematcher(repo, pats, opts)
filematcher = _makenofollowfilematcher(repo, wopts.pats, wopts.opts)
if filematcher is None:
def filematcher(ctx):
return match
expr = _makerevset(repo, pats, slowpath, opts)
if opts.get(b'graph'):
expr = _makerevset(repo, wopts, slowpath)
if wopts.opts.get(b'graph'):
if repo.ui.configbool(b'experimental', b'log.topo'):
if not revs.istopo():
revs = dagop.toposort(revs, repo.changelog.parentrevs)
from __future__ import absolute_import
from mercurial.thirdparty import attr
from mercurial import (
......@@ -11,26 +12,27 @@ from mercurial import (
from mercurial.utils import stringutil
def logrevset(repo, pats, opts):
revs = logcmdutil._initialrevs(repo, opts)
def logrevset(repo, wopts):
revs = logcmdutil._initialrevs(repo, wopts)
if not revs:
return None
match, pats, slowpath = logcmdutil._makematcher(repo, revs, pats, opts)
return logcmdutil._makerevset(repo, pats, slowpath, opts)
match, pats, slowpath = logcmdutil._makematcher(repo, revs, wopts)
wopts = attr.evolve(wopts, pats=pats)
return logcmdutil._makerevset(repo, wopts, slowpath)
def uisetup(ui):
def printrevset(orig, repo, pats, opts):
revs, filematcher = orig(repo, pats, opts)
if opts.get(b'print_revset'):
expr = logrevset(repo, pats, opts)
def printrevset(orig, repo, wopts):
revs, filematcher = orig(repo, wopts)
if wopts.opts.get(b'print_revset'):
expr = logrevset(repo, wopts)
if expr:
tree = revsetlang.parse(expr)
tree = revsetlang.analyze(tree)
tree = []
ui = repo.ui
ui.write(b'%s\n' % stringutil.pprint(opts.get(b'rev', [])))
ui.write(b'%s\n' % stringutil.pprint(wopts.opts.get(b'rev', [])))
ui.write(revsetlang.prettyformat(tree) + b'\n')
ui.write(stringutil.prettyrepr(revs) + b'\n')
revs = smartset.baseset() # display no revisions
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