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hghave: make black version regex work with newer versions of black

Black commit 117891878e5be4d6b771ae5de299e51b679cea27 (included in black >=
21.11b0) dropped the string "version " from the output of "black --version". To
make the regex work with newer black versions, make matching of "version "
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......@@ -1123,7 +1123,7 @@
@check('black', 'the black formatter for python (>= 20.8b1)')
def has_black():
blackcmd = 'black --version'
version_regex = b'black, version ([0-9a-b.]+)'
version_regex = b'black, (?:version )?([0-9a-b.]+)'
version = matchoutput(blackcmd, version_regex)
sv = distutils.version.StrictVersion
return version and sv(_bytes2sys( >= sv('20.8b1')
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