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  1. 20 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Arseniy Alekseyev's avatar
      tests: better determinism in test-chg.t · e73d47a71b55
      Arseniy Alekseyev authored
      chg tests fail pretty often with "Sample count: *" line disappearing.
      It disappears because the sample count is zero, in which case a custom message is printed.
      This commit makes the test succeed in that case.
  2. 18 Oct, 2021 2 commits
    • Kyle Lippincott's avatar
      pyoxidizer: update with several small fixes · 16c3fe46929a
      Kyle Lippincott authored
      Currently, pyoxidizer.bzl does not mention the git commit that should be checked
      out, so these instructions are a bit difficult to follow right now (impossible,
      technically), so I removed the instruction to `git checkout <Git commit>` and
      the admonition to use a specific version of PyOxidizer. I don't even know if the
      project currently builds with the "0.7.0-pre" version that was previously
      As fallout from that change to not "pin" to a specific PyOxidizer, I had to
      update the Python version to use when running the tests.
      While here, I added a recommendation to use `--release`, as the primary reason
      for this project is performance, and it may have been leaving some on the table
      to not have that there.
      Differential Revision:
    • Kyle Lippincott's avatar
      pyoxidizer: disable using in-memory resources · c900d962e38b
      Kyle Lippincott authored
      It's possible that the errors are due to using an incompatible version of
      PyOxidizer; unfortunately the file in this directory says to fetch a
      copy of PyOxidizer matching the commit in this pyoxidizer.bzl file, and yet the
      pyoxidizer.bzl file does not actually have a commit mentioned in it.
      By disabling in-memory modules, this appears to work on all platforms using the
      current head version of PyOxidizer, so let's disable them for now.
      Sample error (during `pyoxidizer build`):
      error[PYOXIDIZER_PYTHON_EXECUTABLE]: adding PythonExtensionModule<name=hgext.fsmonitor.pywatchman.bser>
      Caused by:
          extension module hgext.fsmonitor.pywatchman.bser cannot be loaded from memory but memory loading required
         --> ./pyoxidizer.bzl:140:5
      140 |     exe.add_python_resources(exe.pip_install(["--verbose", ROOT]))
          |     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ add_python_resources()
      error: adding PythonExtensionModule<name=hgext.fsmonitor.pywatchman.bser>
      Caused by:
          extension module hgext.fsmonitor.pywatchman.bser cannot be loaded from memory but memory loading required
      Differential Revision:
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  12. 15 Oct, 2021 2 commits
    • Pierre-Yves David's avatar
      dirstate-v2: adds two flag to track the presence of some unrecorded files · dfc5a505ddc5
      Pierre-Yves David authored
      Right now, we don't record ignored or unknown files in the dirstate. However
      the structure would allow it. So we introduce two flags that can be used to
      clarify whether all unknown/ignored children are recorded or not. This will
      allow for more information to be stored in the future if this end up being
      Differential Revision:
    • Simon Sapin's avatar
      dirstate-v2: adds a flag to mark a file as modified · 1730b2fceaa1
      Simon Sapin authored
      Right now, a files with a file system state that requires a lookup (same size,
      different mtime) will requires a lookup. If the result of that lookup is a
      modified files, it will remains ambiguous, requiring a lookup on the next status
      run too.
      To fix this, we introduce a dedicated flag in the new format. Such flag will
      allow to record such file as "known modified" avoiding an extra lookup later.
      As None of the associate code currently exist in the status code, we do the
      minimal implementation: if we read a dirstate entry with this flag set, we make
      it as "ambiguous" so that the next status code has to look it up. The same as it
      would have to without this flag existing anyway.
      Differential Revision:
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