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tests: better determinism in test-chg.t

chg tests fail pretty often with "Sample count: *" line disappearing.
It disappears because the sample count is zero, in which case a custom message is printed.
This commit makes the test succeed in that case.
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test-py3 Tests
Skipped test-rhg.t: missing feature: running with rhg as 'hg'
Skipped test-sparse-fsmonitor.t: skipped
Skipped test-sparse-revlog.t: missing artifact, run "/tmp/mercurial-ci/tests/artifacts/scripts/"
Skipped missing feature: allow slow tests (use --allow-slow-tests)
Failed test-wireproto-exchangev2-shallow.t: output changed
# Ran 918 tests, 61 skipped, 1 failed.
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Cleaning up file based variables
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