status: keep second-ambiguous mtimes during fixup

Now that we support the feature, we can keep "second ambiguous" mtime during the fixup phase.
These are the mtime that would be ambiguous if we did not had sub-second précions.

See the v2 format documentation for details.

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adding extra file python3.dll to .
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installing files to C:\Users\heptapod-runner\builds\uxZezqu4\0\mercurial\mercurial-devel\build\pyoxidizer\x86_64-pc-windows-msvc\release\app
error: error calling build(): Runtime(RuntimeError { code: "TUGGER_FILE_MANIFEST", message: "Access is denied. (os error 5)", label: "" })
"make": *** [pyoxidizer] Error 1
Cleaning up file based variables
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