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(doc) Some doc updates, heptapod instead of bitbucket in examples

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......@@ -188,15 +188,16 @@ directory). For example, write there::
acme.prefix =
acme.username = johnny
acme.schemes = http https
bitbucket.prefix =
bitbucket.username = Mekk
heptapod.prefix =
heptapod.username = Mekk
mydep.prefix =
mydep.username = drmartin
and as long as you use ``acme`` alias for repositories like
````, username
``johnny`` will be used, and the same password reused. Similarly
any ``hg push bitbucket`` will share the same password.
any ``hg push heptapod`` will assume username ``Mekk`` and share
the same password.
With such config repository-level ``.hg/hgrc`` need only contain
......@@ -211,8 +212,8 @@ Additional advantage of this method is that it works also during
prefix as above, and::
bitbucket.local = ~/devel/{below}
bitbucket.remote ={below:/=-}
heptapod.local = ~/devel/mercurial/{below}
heptapod.remote ={below:/=-}
so all my repositories understand ``hg push bitbucket`` without
any repository-level configuration.
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