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Commit ce228d82 authored by Marcin Kasperski's avatar Marcin Kasperski
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Added tag 1.3.0 for changeset cfce371e028d

parent cfce371e028d
......@@ -59,3 +59,4 @@ eef262b1251ca41cf881972ee725e5ac9e1dd850 1.1.5
13ceb03ee4b3ba074ee0e12273559da2ba3ff50c 1.1.9
42e1da83e6dde50e12e8708bee649e5291a42b58 1.2.0
e01afc28bac525a133a6ff4fd59812333e4b756d 1.2.1
cfce371e028ddbdf0b18f0cb28bb9ed3089d028c 1.3.0
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