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    sync: simplify authentication dialog, rename to 'Security' · 31b81c4b6a9d
    Steve Borho authored
    This dialog configures both https connection properties and user authentication.
    It no longer offers the full feature set of the [auth] section as the complexity
    is much too great for what is a rare requirement.  Also the previous logic was
    defaulting to allowing authentication over http, which was transmitting your
    password in plaintext if you happened to accidentally push over http.
    It also disables the password entry if mercurial_keyring is enabled, since it
    completely destroys the usefulness of mercurial_keyring if you go and save your
    password in plaintext for zero benefit.
    More work remains to be done, we need to add --insecure to the command line if
    the hostname is found in [insecurehosts] and we are using https.