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Commit 09ac9841 authored by Steve Borho's avatar Steve Borho
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fileview: give folder depth to diff paths

Mercurial expects diffs to have a 'strip' level of 1, so we need to provide a
directory level that can be stripped.  Without this hack, Mercurial's patch
routines will not apply the unified diffs we generate.
parent b18285ae5a92
......@@ -698,7 +698,7 @@ class FileData(object):
self.olddata = olddata
olddata = olddata.splitlines()
newdata = newdata.splitlines()
gen = difflib.unified_diff(olddata, newdata, oldname, wfile,
gen = difflib.unified_diff(olddata, newdata, 'a/'+oldname, 'b/'+wfile,
data = []
if repo.ui.config('diff', 'showfunc'):
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