Commit 31bfb5fc authored by Steve Borho's avatar Steve Borho
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commit: fix starting a new named branch without any files

This was broken when I no longer called dirstate.setbranch() to set the
branch before the check was made.
parent f2f96a8d4945
......@@ -477,12 +477,13 @@ class CommitWidget(QWidget):
commandlines = []
brcmd = []
newbranch = False
if self.branchop is None:
brcmd = []
newbranch = repo[None].branch() != repo['.'].branch()
elif self.branchop == False:
brcmd = ['--close-branch']
brcmd = []
branch = hglib.fromunicode(self.branchop)
if branch in repo.branchtags():
# response: 0=Yes, 1=No, 2=Cancel
......@@ -505,12 +506,13 @@ class CommitWidget(QWidget):
'Cancel\t- Cancel this commit') % self.branchop,
self, (_('&Yes'), _('&No'), _('Cancel')), 2, 2).run()
if resp == 0:
newbranch = True
commandlines.append(['branch', '--repository', repo.root,
'--force', branch])
elif resp == 2:
files = self.stwidget.getChecked('MAR?!S')
if not (files or brcmd or repo[None].branch() != repo['.'].branch()):
if not (files or brcmd or newbranch):
qtlib.WarningMsgBox(_('No files checked'),
_('No modified files checkmarked for commit'),
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