Commit 735bfeb7 authored by Steve Borho's avatar Steve Borho
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filelistview: swap accelerators for 'view' and 'edit local'

The 'Ctrl+Shift' combo is used elsewhere in the Workbench to open a terminal or
open a shell in the repository root (aka the working copy folder). So it
is more consistent for 'Ctrl+Shift+E' to edit the working file.
parent 87cbe6d91194
......@@ -190,9 +190,9 @@ class HgFileListView(QTableView):
('ldiff', _('Visual Diff to Local'), None, 'Shift+Ctrl+D',
_('View changes to current in external diff tool'),
('edit', _('View at Revision'), None, 'Shift+Ctrl+E',
('edit', _('View at Revision'), None, 'Alt+Ctrl+E',
_('View file as it appeared at this revision'), self.editfile),
('ledit', _('Edit Local'), None, 'Alt+Ctrl+E',
('ledit', _('Edit Local'), None, 'Shift+Ctrl+E',
_('Edit current file in working copy'), self.editlocal),
('revert', _('Revert to Revision'), None, 'Alt+Ctrl+T',
_('Revert file(s) to contents at this revision'),
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