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Commit 8079069d authored by Steve Borho's avatar Steve Borho
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fileview: add explanation to commented out diff block handler

parent 5e7c8076f8db
......@@ -480,12 +480,13 @@ class HgFileView(QFrame):
self.sci.markerAdd(i, self.markertriangle)
elif tag == 'delete':
# You cannot effectively show deleted lines in a single
# pane display. They do not exist.
# self.block['left'].addBlock('-', alo, ahi)
# self.diffblock.addBlock('-', alo, ahi, blo, bhi)
# w = self.viewers['left']
# self._diffs.append([blo, bhi])
# self.blk.addBlock('-', blo, bhi)
# for i in range(alo, ahi):
# w.markerAdd(i, self.markerminus)
# self.sci.markerAdd(i, self.markerminus)
elif tag == 'insert':
self._diffs.append([blo, bhi])
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