Commit f702aa9f authored by Yuya Nishihara's avatar Yuya Nishihara
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repofilter: clean up code to list up known branches

parent df734387d1c8
......@@ -51,16 +51,18 @@ class RepoFilterBar(QToolBar):
"""Update the list of branches"""
curbranch = self.branch()
allbranches = sorted(self._repo.branchtags().items())
openbr = []
for branch, brnode in allbranches:
openbr.extend(self._repo.branchheads(branch, closed=False))
clbranches = [br for br, node in allbranches if node not in openbr]
branches = [br for br, node in allbranches if node in openbr]
if self.cbranch_action.isChecked():
branches = branches + clbranches
def iterbranches(all=False):
allbranches = self._repo.branchtags()
if all:
return sorted(allbranches.keys())
openbrnodes = []
for br in allbranches.iterkeys():
openbrnodes.extend(self._repo.branchheads(br, closed=False))
return sorted(br for br, n in allbranches.iteritems()
if n in openbrnodes)
branches = list(iterbranches(all=self.cbranch_action.isChecked()))
self.branchCombo.addItems([''] + branches)
self.branchLabel.setEnabled(len(branches) > 1)
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