Commit 1e75d365 authored by Steve Borho's avatar Steve Borho
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evict libsvn

parent fdd8bff6679e
......@@ -525,14 +525,6 @@ def build_thg_installer(name, productid, arch):
p = os.path.join(path, f)
run(r'copy %s dist' % p, r'build/thg')
# pysvn requires these DLLs from the libsvn folder, not the ones
# in the PyQt4 folder, which distutils usually finds first
path = os.path.join(sys.exec_prefix, 'lib', 'site-packages', 'libsvn')
for f in ('libeay32.dll', 'ssleay32.dll'):
p = os.path.join(path, f)
if os.path.exists(p):
run(r'copy %s dist' % p, r'build/thg')
hgversion = repoversion('build/hg/mercurial/')
hgperiodic = windowsversion(name, hgversion)[2]
longthgversion = repoversion('build/thg/tortoisehg/util/')
......@@ -608,13 +600,6 @@ def write_extension_versions():
f.write('Extensions/modules included in this TortoiseHg package:\n\n')
for mod in extensions:
write_repo_version(f, '..', mod)
from svn import core
ver = '%d.%d.%d' % (core.SVN_VER_MAJOR, core.SVN_VER_MINOR, core.SVN_VER_MICRO)
url = ''
f.write('%12s:\t%-12s\t%10s\t%s\n' % ('python-svn', ver, '', url))
except ImportError:
import pygments
ver = pygments.__version__
......@@ -776,13 +761,6 @@ def verify_thg_env():
print ''
from svn import core
except ImportError:
print 'svn bindings not found'
print 'See README for download location and install instructions'
oldpath = os.environ.get('PYTHONPATH', '').split(os.pathsep)
path = ['../hg']
for ext in extensions:
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