Commit 29d28f40 authored by Matt Harbison's avatar Matt Harbison
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package `PyQt5.sip` instead of `sip`

This is required to build with thg 9e3bf37dd711 (just prior to 5.3-rc0).
parent 36f5400c7e44
excludes=pywin, pywin.dialogs, pywin.dialogs.list, tcl, tk,
py2exe, setup, setuptools, distutils
includes=sip, PyQt5.QtPrintSupport, PyQt5.QtSvg, PyQt5.QtXml
includes=PyQt5.sip, PyQt5.QtPrintSupport, PyQt5.QtSvg, PyQt5.QtXml
packages=ctypes, email, hgext, hgext.convert, encodings, tortoisehg.util, tortoisehg.hgqt, iniparse, pygments,
nntplib, dulwich, json, sspi, keyring.backends, sqlite3, hgsubversion, hggit,
hgext3rd, hgext3rd.evolve, hgext3rd.topic, mercurial.cext, mercurial.pure
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