Commit e0254cb4 authored by Matt Harbison's avatar Matt Harbison
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remove hg-git, Jinja2, Sphinx and their dependencies from the app

parent 5eec8ebbe5e0
......@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ Extensions/modules included in this TortoiseHg package:
hgcr-gui: a6c14968e233 2015-03-03
projrc: 6a39455be8dc 2016-04-09
onsub: 1cc8e5c2c867 2018-11-12
hg-git: 77e6f3fb0ae5 2019-12-23
hgsubversion: 6a6ce9d9da35 2019-04-19
simplelock: 1093cf04f5cf 2019-02-13
evolve: 583dc6ef3eb2 2020-03-04
# alabaster and after is Jinja/Sphinx stuff that's needed to build the app, but
# not needed in the app itself.
excludes=pywin, pywin.dialogs, pywin.dialogs.list, tcl, tk,
py2exe, setup, setuptools, distutils
py2exe, setup, setuptools, distutils, certifi, dulwich, hggit, urllib3,
alabaster, babel, chardet, colorama, docutils, idna, imagesize, jinja2,
markupsafe, packaging, pyparsing, pytz, requests, six, snowballstemmer,
sphinx, sphinxcontrib-websupport, typing, urllib3
includes=PyQt5.sip, PyQt5.QtPrintSupport, PyQt5.QtSvg, PyQt5.QtXml
packages=ctypes, email, hgext, hgext.convert, encodings, tortoisehg.util, tortoisehg.hgqt, iniparse, pygments,
nntplib, dulwich, json, sspi, keyring.backends, sqlite3, hgsubversion, hggit,
nntplib, json, sspi, keyring.backends, sqlite3, hgsubversion,
hgext3rd, hgext3rd.evolve, hgext3rd.topic, mercurial.cext, mercurial.pure
dll_excludes=mswsock.dll, powrprof.dll, shfolder.dll, credui.dll, msvcp90.dll, secur32.dll, tk85.dll, tcl85.dll,
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ extensions = [
# 'hg-git',
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