Commit fb4237b2 authored by Matt Harbison's avatar Matt Harbison
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bump extensions

I have no idea where dulwich went- this seems autogenerated.  I had to install
it into the virtualenv at one point, but that's easy enough to do.
parent fa593fc8d406
......@@ -2,16 +2,15 @@ Extensions/modules included in this TortoiseHg package:
keyring: eded32d5a568 2017-03-20
hgkeyring: e01afc28bac5 2018-11-05
dulwich: 8a5d01ef2433 2018-11-07
iniparse: bd83edee7300 2010-06-12
zipdoc: 3cadb68cf7e6 2016-10-05
hgcr-gui: a6c14968e233 2015-03-03
projrc: 6a39455be8dc 2016-04-09
onsub: 1cc8e5c2c867 2018-11-12
hg-git: 2135ddef6d6e 2019-05-16
hg-git: 77e6f3fb0ae5 2019-12-23
hgsubversion: 6a6ce9d9da35 2019-04-19
simplelock: 1093cf04f5cf 2019-02-13
evolve: 6f37fdad7ac1 2019-07-29
meu: ea15785304d5 2019-06-20
pygments: 2.4.2
pywin32: 224
meu: 260547c41cab 2019-11-24
pygments: 2.5.2
pywin32: 227
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