1. 12 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      bump extensions · 36f5400c7e44
      Matt Harbison authored
      I have no idea where dulwich went- this seems autogenerated.  I had to install
      it into the virtualenv at one point, but that's easy enough to do.
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      update low level API exclusion list · fa593fc8d406
      Matt Harbison authored
      I have no idea why my Windows 10 (1909) system wants to include what looks like
      older API DLLs.  I tried, but failed to figure out how to hack the build process
      to exclude these by prefix.
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  6. 14 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      run the equivalent of vcvarsall.bat when using 'Visual C++ for Python 2.7' · 6bee37c75532
      Matt Harbison authored
      This means that any command prompt will properly build everything, whereas
      before the 'Visual C++ 2008 64-bit Cross Tools Command Prompt' was required.
      The goal is to remove a point of failure (the plain 64-bit prompt fails), and to
      move towards automated builds like core Mercurial.  I've only got the Express
      edition at home (which fails to build this), so I'm not doing the same for
      Visual Studio 2008.
    • Matt Harbison's avatar
      add support for building with 'Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7' · 17b24295a60e
      Matt Harbison authored
      The build process already builds Mercurial with this compiler if it is
      installed, so we might as well use this to compile the shell extension if it is
      available.  The only manual change needed is to download these merge modules:
      create 'Redist\VC' here:
          %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Common\Microsoft\Visual C++ for Python\9.0\WinSDK\
      and name them:
      I have no idea why, but DISTUTILS_USE_SDK can't be set, otherwise Mercurial
      fails to build its C extensions.  The strange thing is that the new packaging
      scripts *do* set this.
      [1] https://github.com/indygreg/vc90-merge-modules
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      setup: allow specification of certificate password on command line · fb6ef98c6f8d
      Paul Morelle authored
      In the case of an automated build, it may be interesting to avoid being
      asked the password on the standard input for each build.
      The new option --certpwd allows for the specification of this password
      on the command line.
      CI tools usually have a mechanism to use a secret value in a variable,
      whose value will be hidden from the console output.
  16. 19 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      setup: limit hgtag up to thgtag · a8c652adbd37
      Paul Morelle authored
      When building a specific version of TortoiseHg, it may be an old one
      which is not yet compatible with the latest Mercurial version,
      so we need to limit the hg tag to a maximum of the same version as thg.
  17. 03 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      setup: allow for using a certificate SubjectName instead of a filename · f5d3baf00af9
      Paul Morelle authored
      If your certificate is stored on a USB token, there is no file to provide
      to the --cert option. However, Microsoft's SignTool.exe accepts a SubjectName
      and will look for it in the available certificates.
      However, this will (most probably) ask the user for its password many times,
      in a popup dialog window.
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      backout most of 5d7276b2a890 · e489fa791650
      Sune Foldager authored
      The pypath "fixes" break installer building, as the hg path will now point to
      the source hg repository, and not the one under winbuild/build. This causes
      py2exe to not copy mercurial cext extensions, and in general to copy arbitrarily
      incorrect code.
      I also backed out the changes to external extension paths. They don't break
      anything, but I don't understand the reason for them as I can build installers
      fine without them. The original changeset doesn't state any reasons.
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