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    visdiff: filter copy data through the file matcher to hide unrelated changes · dc379588cfc3
    Matt Harbison authored
    I noticed this hacking on some other functionality, but it can be seen with an
    existing command like this when updated to any recent change:
        $ python thg vdiff -r 5bfef52bfcc9 tortoisehg/hgqt/qsci.py tortoisehg/hgqt/qtcore.py
    All of the subsequent file copies that took place between then and now get
    included in the snapshots, even though they weren't related.  Two files need to
    match to invoke a dirdiff, otherwise the snapshot of the unrelated files occurs,
    but only the named one is diffed.  The same behavior occurs if two of the files
    in the manifest view of that revision are selected and diffed to local.
    The filtering might still be a little generous in that it matches either the
    source or destination.  But I'm not sure what the data looks like for a diff
    from new -> old as opposed to old -> new, and order of revision selection might
    be a little too subtle in the GUI.