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    configitems: drop the default parameters for registered items · 2cd812a72398
    Matt Harbison authored
    A couple of notable things:
      - `tortoisehg.autoresolve` still gets a default value in backout and rebase,
        even though it is not registered dynamicdefault.
      - the following were left with '' as the default, because it is used to set
        text with a QString, and it is unknown how far back None would be accepted.
        (Any other '' -> None conversions are not used to set text)
        * email.cc
        * email.to
        * gpg.key
        * hostfingerprints.*  (strange the default here is a list)
      - `tortoisehg.overlayicons` in nautilus-thg needs to be registered, as does
      - `web.name` still takes a default because it is dynamicdefault