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py3: fix drag & drop in the Repository Registry

Before this change, dragging & dropping repositories across groups in the
registry was not working on py3: at drop, the message b'Start tag expected.'
was printed in the console, but nothing happened.

The reason is that QMimeData::data() returns a QByteArray containing an XML
document that was passed through str() and directly fed to
repotreemodel.readXml(), which instead expects either a unicode string or

This change converts the QByteArray to bytes(), and restores the drag & drop
functionality in the Repo Registry.

branch : stable
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......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ class RepoTreeModel(QAbstractItemModel):
def dropMimeData(self, data, action, row, column, parent):
group = parent.internalPointer()
d = str(
d = bytes(
if not data.hasUrls():
# The source is a group
if row < 0:
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