Commit 6921dd26 authored by Yuya Nishihara's avatar Yuya Nishihara

make: add rule to build source tarball

I'm pretty sure next time I wouldn't remember how to build the tarball.

branch : stable
parent 87084d5b0997
FAKEROOT = fakeroot
PYTHON = python
PYTYPE = pytype
......@@ -12,6 +13,7 @@ help:
@echo ' local - build for inplace usage'
@echo ' tests - run all tests in the automatic test suite'
@echo ' app - create a py2app bundle on Mac OS X'
@echo ' tarball - create release tarball'
@echo ' clean - remove files created by other targets'
@echo ' (except installed files or dist source tarball)'
@echo ' distclean - remove all files created by other targets'
......@@ -53,6 +55,13 @@ app:
$(MAKE) -C "$(HGPATH)" local
.PHONY: tarball
@echo '** You need to upload the tarball to '
@echo '**'
.PHONY: clean
$(PYTHON) clean
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