Commit 7969d3a9 authored by Matt Harbison's avatar Matt Harbison

typing: adjust placement of type comments for multi-line statements further

With py3.6.9 or py3.7.5 and pytype 2020.9.16, this was getting flagged for me
after 8d4381a39485.  So lets keep both for now.

branch : stable
parent 3b1749989f42
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......@@ -241,11 +241,11 @@ class DetectRenameDialog(QDialog):
# TODO: better to use data(role) instead
ulist = [it.orig # pytype: disable=attribute-error
for it in self.unrevlist.selectedItems()]
for it in self.unrevlist.selectedItems()] # pytype: disable=attribute-error
if not ulist:
# When no files are selected, look for all files
ulist = [self.unrevlist.item(n).orig # pytype: disable=attribute-error
for n in range(self.unrevlist.count())]
for n in range(self.unrevlist.count())] # pytype: disable=attribute-error
if not ulist:
QMessageBox.information(self, _('No files to find'),
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