Commit 9f14cb2a authored by Yuya Nishihara's avatar Yuya Nishihara

typing: assert that opts['ciexclude'] is a string

  tortoisehg/hgqt/", line 801, in __init__: No attribute 'split'
  on bool [attribute-error]
    In Union[Any, bool, str]
  Called from (traceback):
    line 482, in updateModel

branch : stable
parent 0f6dbab54e65
Pipeline #12124 passed with stage
in 28 minutes
......@@ -802,7 +802,9 @@ class WctxModel(QAbstractTableModel):
self.checkCount = 0
rows = []
nchecked = {}
excludes = [f.strip() for f in opts.get('ciexclude', '').split(',')]
excludestr = opts.get('ciexclude', '')
assert isinstance(excludestr, (str, pycompat.unicode))
excludes = [f.strip() for f in excludestr.split(',')]
if amending is None:
amending = set()
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