Commit bd990f66 authored by Manuel Jacob's avatar Manuel Jacob
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thgrepo: keep displayed topic of working directory in sync with active topic

branch : stable
parent 3d6fecaf9eb5
......@@ -263,6 +263,7 @@ class RepoWatcher(QObject):
repo.vfs.join(b'bookmarks'): (LogChanged, False),
repo.vfs.join(b'bookmarks.current'): (LogChanged, False),
repo.vfs.join(b'branch'): (0, False),
repo.vfs.join(b'topic'): (LogChanged, False),
repo.vfs.join(b'dirstate'): (WorkingStateChanged, False),
repo.vfs.join(b'localtags'): (LogChanged, False),
repo.svfs.join(b'00changelog.i'): (LogChanged, False),
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